PeriodChat is a project that helps people to have a chat about menstruation like a daily conversation at a cafe over a cup of tea or coffee. 
Menstruation has long been thought to be the impure thing in many cultures, and society makes half of mankind who discharge the blood to feel ashamed of it and to hide it. Not talking about the bleeding in public results in serious problems such as absurd myths and taboos about periods, unknown ingredients in sanitary products, and even misconceptions about women. By asking about one's menstruation people can know the person better and more about the period.
PeriodChat requires two people to be completed; one of you should be a person has experienced menstruation and another who hasn’t. Then the menstruator and non-menstruatior go through the questions together by asking and answering them. PeriodChat offers free tea or coffee to support their pleasant PeriodChat. But they can still give us tips which will go to people who cannot afford tampons. 
PeriodChat was happening from 19th to 24th of June at Lethaby Gallery, at Kings Cross in London. Forty pairs, which is eighty people have participated to PeriodChat during the six days.
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